Hello, from the other side

I wonder if other writers can relate to this terrible disease that takes over which results in feeling like I have written a book… and in my mind I certainly have… but I have nothing to show for it, or to share with you!

There is no excuse for my absence, really. Other than the extreme downloads that I have been receiving which have launched me directly into a whole being awakening I am excited to share.

The past three months of my life have been divine.


When I decided to leave Asheville, I knew it was for a reason bigger than my initial understanding. 

I was bummed to walk away from my job. It was a place I felt challenged by but also supported in. I became family with my coworkers. I loved my job. 

I loved my apartment. It was cute, and sometimes shitty. E and I decorated and nested and shared a bunch of laughs and boxes of wine. We had expanded our plant collection and art collection. 

I loved being right in the middle of a temperate rain forest. The birds, insects, water all a short drive waiting to be experienced. 

But I knew, deep down inside (what most would call intuition, aka that weird feeling found in the solar plexus and sometimes sacral chakras) that me leaving Asheville was a part of the highest timeline for my being. 

I came home and did the damn thing here. I was organizing pieces of my life I had collected throughout the years. I was preparing boxes and getting necessary tools for bus life. 

Then I drove three hours and some change to reunite with the love of my life in the Lowe’s foods parking lot I would call my home base for a short time.

Since I met Zach, I felt like I was living a dream. And he has thing when people ask him how he is or how he’s doing he responds, with a smile on his face, “I’m living the dream!” I think he helped to awaken within me the ability to do and feel that way… truly. 

More often than not in the past three months I have genuinely felt I am living a dream. 

The deep healing of the ocean has been pivotal to my connection with Source energy. It helped me navigate to a better place mentally and physically in preparation to continue doing the work necessary to step into my own power.

In the same light, on my journey to stepping into power, I was called to invest in myself which led to me beginning my 200 YTT (yoga teacher training) in July. I have enjoyed every minute I have dedicated to expanding my practice by learning about the philosophy and techniques of yoga. I will be expanding on this to come, and hope to share with you yoga lifestyle information and videos.

Today, I am back in Greensboro, North Carolina, spending time with family and working to find a job. I am creating everyday, and look forward to sharing and launching a shop for you all to support me in! Zach will be joining forces geographically with me soon and I am excited to share more about our living together and creating together, too. 

Thank you for sharing some of your time to be interested and care about me!

You are divine and I appreciate ~you~

With love,


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