Summer Recap & New Beginnings

I decided to create a little montage of my May to almost August experiences. Thanks for witnessing my journey <3 I appreciate the time you are sharing to be here with me. The song in the background is a song I wrote while living in Oak Island called “Water Heal and Purify.” Although I am not vocally trained, or the best guitarist, I have found such release in putting my words and improv guitar together to create music. I look forward to sharing more as my passion for bringing the two together expands.


I am ecstatic to share that next week, I start a 5th Grade Teaching job in Guilford County Schools!

It is beautiful what can happen when allowing yourself to ~flow~ in every aspect of life, trusting that the Universe has your back. When I first read about doing this, I have often been guilty of forgetting that just saying “I trust the Universe” and letting go and expecting things to start happening isn’t how it works.

The work is really done in the choice of actions that follows the words. When the two are in alignment and I am embodying the trust is when the real magic happens. For example, I have been working to manifest a house/rental space for myself and Zach in the Greensboro area. I have made things, spoke about it, meditated on… but I have also committed to looking every. single. day. at the options, even if it means seeing the same house that isn’t pet friendly.

I have recently adopted sigils into my manifestation practice. I will leave it up to you to do some research on sigils and make your own opinion, but I will say that creating them is a good outlet for me because it intersects my desire to draw/create with the power of manifesting. When you create a sigil the idea is to charge it and destroy it which puts the desire into the Universe and our subconscious.

Do you ever want or need something and become obsessive about it? Obsessive to the point it takes over every moment that isn’t being used for anything else. Or, quite possibly it leaks into even the moments that attention should be taken up by something else.

This is not healthy. And, totally negates the power the subconscious contains on our every day life. The power we can only tap into when we truly release and know, rather than think and hold on to.

So! Welcome to the part where I am experimenting and doing this work for the first time.

I have instilled within my being only a certain amount of space for stress and obsess over these things. When that space is full, it’s full. So, I let my subconscious mind do the work. As I plan to destroy my sigils tomorrow after charging them in my own way, I am sharing here and will be verbally speaking that I am letting go. Everything that I can do I will do, with my actions, but my worries and stress no longer needed. Universe in control.

Moving into this transitionary space of life, I am eager to continue moving my body and stretching my mind. I am overflowing with gratitude from the possibilities that continue to pop up and teach me new things about myself and this matrix of existence.

Every Day is Divine.

Thanks again for being here <3

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