New Year, New You

While it may be something society has given us, the end of a year and start of a new is no doubt an amplified time to make changes.

Whether it’s creating new year’s resolutions or just flat out being over and done with the way things have been going, two factors holds true: you can’t do it all at once and you can’t do it alone.

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I’m no professional in the making changes department. With my moon in Capricorn I personally feel like I crave consistency and structure… my sun in Aries doesn’t always agree. If you want to know more about your sun, moon, and rising placements in Western Astrology check out my offerings here.

2020 was a whirlwind for most humans on this planet. The changes that came along with it also came with little to no choice but to accept and adapt. And wow what a learning lesson we can all take away from such a thing… humans are very capable of accepting and adapting. The uncomfortably that comes with it is another topic, but indeed it is possible.

2021 was a year of adapting to a new normal. It looked different for everyone. There was uncertainty and challenges around every corner. A lot of people grew and worked on expanding themselves. Some people struggled to find the new normal okay. It was a mix. It usually is.

And alas… we have found ourselves kissing the year goodbye. We made it. So, what’s next?

Common New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Quit Smoking/Drinking/Vices
  2. Cultivate more self-love
  3. Lose weight
  4. Eat healthy
  5. Make more time for ~insert your choice here~
  6. Save money

Whatever your New Year’s goals are, believe me, you got it. It doesn’t have to be an end all be all. Any goal is obtainable!

New You

Want to be sure that the changes you’re after are going to last in 2022? Follow these six simple power steps to get there. I will be your support along the way, and together we can continue to create a life that is living a dream.

  1. Determine what is most important to you. This is drastically different for each individual. For example, I have determined for myself that three things are most important to me: my happiness, knowing the people I love and care for are safe and healthy, and being mobile. It doesn’t matter if you have three or ten, this isn’t set in stone but a good place to start. The idea is having a foundation for what you are doing, or how, or why. I can easily say the reason I am writing this post is because it brings me happiness and is something I can do being mobile. Maybe money is most important to you… so then you should cater your focus to saving and being aware of spending. Maybe having a daily routine is most important to you, so then carving out dedicated time daily would be needed. Whatever you determine is most important to you should be a place that your conscious and subconscious awareness are always following.
  2. Stop being your own enemy. This is super hard for me, and I can only imagine it is for many people. The power of our mind is immensely displaced in this earthly realm. Humans are intricately wired yet have limited access to the power we hold. In saying that, every manifestation video or article you have read has something in common; training the mind with repetition. We are our own enemies when we limit ourselves to what we can do. This is easily done with our self-talk and subconscious mind. The power is found in rewiring our minds to ~know~ just how powerful we are. Words are spells. Use your words to yourself wisely in this new year while rewriting your narrative. Check out this goddess’ reprogramming video for a good starting place!
  3. Set small goals. This past year I worked with a life-coach for a few months and this was a huge take away for me. Allowing yourself to win in small things helps promote the momentum to keep going and get the big wins. What does this mean? I wanted to wake up earlier and feel ready to go when I needed to be at work. It took me failing a few times before I finally made up my mind to “just do it.” I would get up and get three things done right away regardless of my mental chatter or physical desire… brush my teeth, use the bathroom, and move. Movement was normally dancing or stretching. But, I didn’t do it for an hour, or even thirty minutes. It was simple. I set a 3 or 5 minute timer and would move or stretch for that long, and then carry on. This became so easy with practice that I eventually was getting up and moving without second thought. It became natural. Small goals matter and they do ultimately add to whatever it is that is large you’re reaching for.
  4. Don’t just give up. This is the easy way out. We can all toss a towel in, walk away, turn around. The windshield is so much bigger than the rearview for a reason. (Thanks Mom, that one was from you)! No matter what you’re taking on in life… there will be challenges. Difficulty. Hard times. If your heart is in it, don’t just give up. Take a break, take a reset, but stay with it. The only time giving up is necessary is when it no longer serves the greatest within your being, and only you can know that. Check out my post about intuition and drop me a line if you have any conversations to start~ when you don’t follow the gut, you will only play out in circles until you do.
  5. Choose your influences wisely. I have lost many friends in this lifetime. And while the grieving is difficult, I am sure that new friendships will come. If you are making changes for yourself it is a no-brainer some people may not like what comes of it. But it doesn’t matter what they like, it’s your life to live and create. Choose carefully the people you allow into your life, including on social media. If you are an avid scroller, rethink the people you follow if they aren’t adding good feelings to your life. Comparison is a root of evil. Remember you are in control, no one else is, but influence is literally all-surrounding.
  6. Let go and Let God. This one is for my best friend of life… his words not mine. Whatever higher power you believe in, or even if you don’t… sometimes you just gotta let go. Letting go doesn’t mean giving up. It doesn’t result in failure. Letting go is the relieving feeling I find when I have done everything with my whole heart and mind power and since I am done, I will wait to see what is revealed. Time may be a construct, but damn when it passes how things can change.

Without a doubt, the biggest take away I hope any reader has from this is knowing the power in which each human carries to create. The cards we are dealt upon arrival only give us a place to start, every move we make from there is a determinate to what will be. If you want to be something, you can. You really already are, it’s just taking ownership and being that before anything else. No dream is too big or too small. We are the masters of our realities when we step up and want to be. So take the first small step, and know you’re not alone. I’m rooting for you and all you dream of creating to live. This may be the only earth side life you have, why not risk to be happy, healthy and safe?

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