Intuitive Astrology and the Aries/Pisces New Moon

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Written under the Aries New Moon Energy (April 1, 2022) ~

Good day beautiful beings. I am so grateful you are here. I have felt called to share more about Intuitive Astrology versus other modalities of astrological information. I also wanted to speak to the New Moon. My sistar Nephaeya shared a beautiful transcription that I will share here for you to digest and integrate as you feel called.

There is a lot going of energy pouring into the Earth, solar flares and geomagnetic storms. May we all take a moment to remember the ancient Hawaiian prayer:

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

Ho’oponopono prayer

When was the last time you decided to take it outside in the darkness of the night and just sit under the stars?

It’s been too long for me! I am hoping for a clear night here in the Sunshine State to come along soon and bless me with time to practice sitting in curiosity and awe while gazing at all of life that may (be) beyond this realm. It is true that the chemical make-up of this physical vessel we embody on Earth contains some of the same ingredients of the fiery spears we see. There is no doubt a connection that exists between humans and the sky, whether daytime or nighttime. Since the very beginning of this Earthly Realm (regardless of your personal belief of origin stories), its humanlike inhibitors have looked up posing questions, seeking answers, and experiencing overwhelming wonder.

It’s pretty easy to read astrology reports or daily horoscopes and energetically allow yourself to ~believe~… But what happens when we approach these tools and written ideas with a sense of inquiry rather than a need for validation or answers?

You see, the stars have been, will be, always are. This is another commonality we share with the stars… you have been, will be, and always are. Energy neither created nor destroyed. Ultimate Be-ing.

I wrote a post not too long ago focusing on intuition. The sixth-sense that is not talked about enough is a type of every-day magic we are all able to tap into.

Intuitive thought lacks awareness of intermediate cognitive steps (because there aren’t any) and does not feel effortful (because the cues trigger the response). But intuition is characterised by feelings of familiarity and fluency.”

What has come up in my experience since writing this is a message of deeper purpose in the experience of life on Earth. There is a level of surrender that is constantly calling us, and when we meet it willingly is when the intuitive magic comes full stream and tends to make a permanent home.

Regardless, I am here to share that astrologically speaking, I encourage you to discern information you may be seeking or exposed to. There are a variety of pathways for understanding astrology. I will shed light on a few and give you a glimpse of their differences below. But I will also add that the real connectivity to God Source and receiving the Stars messages/guidance comes from combining discernment and intuition.

Artwork created by My Beloved, Zach.

Western Astrology

Western Astrology was birthed by the Greeks and Babylonians 2,000-3,000 years ago. Since their understanding and belief regarded the Sun as the center of the solar system, the relationship of the Earth to the Sun was laid on a foundation of importance. The modality utilizes the tropical calendar which actually measures the closeness of the Sun to the Earth’s Tropics. Western Astrology is based on the date and time of birth, and maps the Sun’s and planets placement at the time of birth.

Tropical Calendar: The Tropical Calendar is what most of the word uses. It is the mean interval between vernal equinoxes (the time in March when the sun passes the equator moving from Southern Hemisphere to Northern Hemisphere); in other words it corresponds to the cycle of seasons.

There are 12 signs in Western astrology which are based on the constellations’ positions relative to the Earth. (Ram, Bull, Twins, Crab, Lion, Virgin, Scales, Centaur, Sea-Goat, Water Bearer, and Fish)

Fun Fact: It was a Roman emperor who declared January 1 as the beginning of the calendar year (New Year), but the Vernal Equinox (Spring Equinox) is where there are equal parts day and night for one day~ the start of a New Year! This is usually round March 20-22 each year!

Vedic Astrology

Photo Credit: Why I love Hinduism

Jyotish is the given name for what we now call Vedic Astrology. “Jyotish” literally means “the science of light.” Vedic astrology comes from the Vedas, one of the oldest spiritual scriptures of India. Karma is the central theme of Vedic Astrology and is dependent on our past lives.

Vedic Astrology uses the Sidereal calendar. Sidereal is a word that’s means “pertaining to the stars.” This calendar is based on the planets’ connection to the constellations of zodiac stars. It is an ancient calendar also known as the Kemetic Calendar, written in Medu, commonly referred to as Egyptian hieroglyphs. It considers the changing, observable constellations and subtle movements. To understand and visualize check out this page!

In Vedic (Indian or Hindu) Astrology, the planets are considered the karmas of the soul.

Vedic astrology denotes planets as “Graha” translating to “that which grabs or holds.” Each planet in its orbit gathers in and gives out forces, transmitting wavelength of energy necessary for maintaining order in the solar system. These energies affect the condition of each particular chapter of our lives. Each planet or Graha is also ruled by a deity.

Vedic astrologers are also practitioners of Ayurveda, a natural system of medicine, in which they may recommend worship, meditation, gemstones, affirmations, and natural medicine based on planetary placement and occurrences. All of these recommendations are tied to the karma of an individual and work alongside the planets energy to transmute or pave the path for positive experience, and dharma.

Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology utilizes the Gregorian “Western” calendar. However the Chinese traditional calendar is the lunisolar calendar, a hybrid timekeeping calendar that combines the Moon’s orbit around the Earth and the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. This calendar was created by adding a 13th month to their traditional calendar, where each month starts with the New Moon. There are 24 solar terms that were incorporated during the Han Dynasty and mark particular astronomical events. To build a deeper understanding check out this website that will gracefully shed light on the complexities of keeping time.

Chinese Astrology contains 12 signs (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig). Each animal/sign relates to two of the 24 solar terms.

In Chinese Astrology a sign/animal is spread across a year. (Ex. Year of the Pig) Each zodiac year has different attributes in relation to the animal/sign.

There are four pillars that determine your fate in Chinese Astrology: birth year, birth month, birth date, and birth hour.

Chinese Astrology incorporates five different elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal.

Conversations with the Stars

People have been conversing with the stars since the start. And regardless of which understanding you may have currently, or be adopting, if you’re looking up and looking within there is no doubt conversation to be had.

Perhaps none of these ancient or modern practices connect with you, and that’s okay! In my opinion it is fantastic, because, it leaves immense space for you to connect intuitively as it comes to you, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Try this out

Are you feeling ready to connect intuitively with the stars and receive planetary guidance? If you are I encourage you to first, read this and then try out the meditation that is below.


Take yourself outside to a dark space. Lie on the ground, palms face up. With eyes closed, slowly begin to deepen the breath~ inhaling and exhaling as you tune into the universal sound(s) around you. Imagine a line of energy entering the soles of your feet, traveling up each leg, through the abdomen, up and down the arms, the chest, throat, all the way up through the crown… where it then shoots directly up to the sky! Imagine this line of energy growing so big that each of the chakra areas in the body are blasted open and ready to receive. After a couple minutes, softly open your eyes to gaze at the stars. Observing the rise and fall of thoughts, not attaching to them. If it feels good finding peace in thinking or speaking the mantra “I am” (So-ham). Stay here for awhile and when you’re ready to exit remember to give thanks to the stars and the Earth for holding this space.

I share all of this information as I am on a journey of tuning into an intuitive relationship with astrology and messages from the stars. I will soon be posting about star seeds and my own journey and experience with better inner-standing the experience of incarnation.

Astrology is a tool, like I spoke about in Tools at our Fingertips and should never be relied on solely for guidance and direction. We can utilize it and integrate the messages to make better choices and learn from each experience.

New Moon

Whether or not you are familiar with the lunar cycles and their different characteristics, the energies of this New Moon are spreading wide and far and intensely stirring in the hearts of people all around the world.

The space weather reports as of late have recored record size solar flares resulting in geomagnetic storms with predictions of black outs around the world AND aurora visibility increasing.

While I could take this much deeper and get on a rant of theories, I will refrain and leave you with the divine transcription my sistar shared today~ You can find Nephaeya here!

phases of the moon
Photo by Alex Andrews on

“Today I arose to see Venus, Saturn, and Mars Aligned in the twilight sky.

A beautifully blessed beginning this new astrological year is. The Sun is erupting photonics plasma that is flooding our biosphere, creating shifts in the electromagnetic grid through the influx of auroric light. Solar flares this massive can cause worldwide blackouts in the transformation of Earthly biorhythms. A cosmos morphogenesis is unfolding. The resonance of the Earth is rising to house higher voltages of light.

Now is the time to prepare ourselves for the floods of the Mother stream, both physical and spiritual. It has already begun. And the current New Moon is the perfect opportunity to realign to the reality of this grand cosmic cycle and all it has to offer the evolution of our consciousness.

The way I’m connecting with this New Moon in Aries (Tropical) and Pisces (Sidereal), which also happens to be in the exact placement of my natal moon, is by seeing one of the soul manifestation and the other as the spiritual causal.

The Aries New Moon energy may be felt more directly through the Earthly experience, as in the body, mind and soul, while the Pisces New Moon energy of Revati may be felt more subtlety in the spirit body and ether, the ruling element of Revati.

In other words, Revati, connected to the cosmos celestial realms, is guiding the soul manifestation of Tropical Aries, connected to the cardinal fire rising in nature. The Aries energy is seen and experienced while the Revati energy is unseen and intuited.

Revati is revolution, realization, reverence, and reflection. She is the mirror of Ma’at. She is the nourisher and that which is nourished. She is the timekeeper, time traveler, and the holder of the hourglass. Her symbol is a drum because her gift is rhythm. She deciphers the dance of pattern and is both the composition and completion of the circle.

This New Moon energy, conjunct the wounded healer of Chiron, supports us to heal, which is to become more whole, through allowing endings and embracing beginnings.

It’s a very auspicious time for prayer, meditation, and sacrificial devotion, especially if we want to connect to the sidwdhic manifestation of Tropical Aries energy. Siddhic Aries is the creative flame of initiation, will power, and conscious action born of inspiration received at the altar of life. With the Revati star energy of this New Moon and Sidereal Sun transit from 3/31-4/13, this Earthly Aries energy is nourished into being through the milky stream of Piscean Revati. These energies are fully holding us through the reclamation of the “I Am” consciousness. A blank canvas reemerging from the undifferentiated cosmic sea of the unconscious.

Except this time, we remember our origin point. Becoming the bridge between worlds… as both alpha and omega ⦿



Thanks again for being here.

If you would like to add to Every Day Divine, I would love to share space with you! Until next time, cheers. Love!

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