A Simple Path of Self-Love: 30-Day Challenge for August 2022

It is a part of the human experience to question who we are.

Florida in January 2022.

Ego is always seeking identity. I am this. I do that. This is mine. Words are spells that enhance its existence. And when we start to pull back the layer of skin that represents ego… what are we then left with? What then do we identify with?

Most humans are already on a journey of self exploration. Here, we can consider self exploration as questioning the who we are, or what we are to be doing… what interests us and is in alignment vs. not. Why we do the things we do, how we got to where we are, and where we really want to be.

Exploring the self is, in itself, an act of self-love.

For without the love of oneself you would imagine that one wouldn’t care very much about pondering such deep thoughts.

Exploring is child-like in nature. I feel like it’s the moments of laughing for longer than expected at a joke at a comedy show with your beloved or friends, learning that your sense of humor is this or that. Or the feeling of trying a new sport, jumping out of a plane, tasting the octopus on the menu, touching yourself in a new way, going on a first date.

We have to try and fail to learn. What an exciting opportunity, right?

We are humans inhabiting a beautiful, living planet yet society constantly influences others to choose, operate, and be within labels and containers.

We see this in advertisement for just about anything.

Then there’s the overwhelming reality of looking a certain way to be successful? Or making this amount of money to fit in? Or obtaining x, y, z before a certain age?

Society and its influential ability is an energy monster. And we are energetic beings.

We have to create boundaries to experience the best self-love.

And as energetic beings we must be aware of the choice we have for the energy monsters activity in our life.

Self Love comes in so many facets and forms. It looks different for each person but carries the same importance and potent ability.

Photo from: Self-Love Rainbow which has a great article on Foundations of Self-Love

When you step into an authentic space of self love you are leveling up. Loving yourself from the inside out allows the law of attraction to bring love, abundance, and joy with ease directly to your field. It provides a deeper sense of security and safety while also enhancing your abilities to communicate and move through life.

… & here we are in Leo Season!

Which may not mean anything to you when you read it. That’s okay. I’m here to share the sweet and simple ideas of the Western Astrological perspective of this time of year.

Leo is the Second Fire Sign and correlates with awareness of Self, enthusiasm, boldness, and inspiration. Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Lion or Lioness is strong and regal. Self-assured, full of ambition, and love. Confident, but not conceited.

Photo from: Utah’s Adventure Family (learn how to find the Leo Constellation)!

This is a great energy to work with in cultivating or deepening self love.

For example, imagine walking into a new space and living-out-loud without holding yourself back. Or what about in the next difficult conversation with a loved one, saying what you feel directly, with confidence? Maybe going to a yoga class, dancing, or painting one evening to express yourself organically without restrictions.

There’s no better time than now

to direct your path and align yourself to an easy path of self love that has the ability to help you take charge and launch yourself forward.

I’ve put together 30 different activities that are accessible to most humans. Every person who takes a look at this list is going to have a different perspective! So where you find an activity that doesn’t resonate, try to change it to something that does with an emphasis on loving your self thru doing that activity.

This is an outline for you to utilize.

It’s where I am, personally, choosing to consciously direct my attention for a cluster of my time each day, with intention aiming at self love.

This is my affirmation…

I am committed to the exploration of myself. I release all worry, and put my deepest trust in the Universe and its abundance. I am learning daily that pieces of my existence come from all different energetic transactions. In order to simplify my life I need to be aware and conscious of these energetic exchanges. Happiness comes from within. It is my goal to give my attention to one thing at a time so that I may experience and pick up on joy and happiness easily and often. I am dedicated to my healing journey. I know it takes work and I am ready. I love my friends and neighbors. I love my self.

Written July 28, 2022

30 Days of Intentional Acts of Self Love

  1. Guided Meditation. (I used this one yesterday afternoon. Spotify has lots of great options as well as YouTube. You could also check out my sister, Maddie and the amazing guided meditations she offers over here).
  2. Have a photo shoot with yourself.
  3. Sing in the shower.
  4. Start the day with dance. Check out this playlist I started my day with for about a month.
  5. Spend an hour outside.
  6. Have a tea ceremony. Take your time with it. Appreciate the time it takes for water to boil. Enjoy the aroma of the tea steeping. Sit and drink tea with nothing else to distract you.
  7. Write a gratitude list straight from the heart. Include people, places, and things.
  8. Wake up early + Meditate in the Sun (Lion’s Gate, 8/8). Lean more about this days magic over here.
  9. Give yourself a massage. I love to start with my feet!
  10. Spend 20 minutes in the mirror, speaking mantras. Try out the link or create your own. Just remember, in order to love and protect others you must first love and protect yourself.
  11. Make today a phone-less or social-media less day. Whichever you decide on dedicate yourself to with intention.
  12. Give yourself a deep tarot or oracle reading. If you don’t have cards, reach out to a friend that does. Or- reach out to me!
  13. Plant something. Keep it alive, and watch it grow. This is great for people with houses or who already have a collection of house plants. But if you’re unconventional like me (van life), it may have to be planting something elsewhere!
  14. Visit a sacred place. Spend an hour of quiet time taking in the sacredness. Pray. Meditate.
  15. Deep clean your space. Or at least a piece of it. Maybe even get rid of a thing or two to create some space.
  16. Paint something.
  17. Make your food choice all about superfoods today. Choose healthy over junky.
  18. Play a game. Board game, soccer game, WordScapes (my current guilty pleasure)!
  19. Spend 15 minutes on breath work. I’ll be using this guided pranayama practice, but there are many others available online. Try to find something that resonates with where you are at.
  20. Make a list of things you are proud of accomplishing. They can be big or small. I encourage this to be a list you can go back to when you need a pep talk.
  21. Swing. There’s nothing like waking up the inner child and swinging on any kind of swing is a great opportunity to do so.
  22. Write down 5 things you love about yourself this morning. Keep the list somewhere you can go back to it. Read it with routine.
  23. Make a fun dinner. That exotic recipe from Instagram, do it!
  24. Watch a movie. Start to finish. No interruptions (bathroom breaks are okay)~
  25. Take a long intentional shower or bath. As you’re cleaning yourself, imagine the water as white light washing over you, cleaning off all energy and toxins you have collected. Express your gratitude for the water.
  26. Spend an hour on a hobby.
  27. Start planning your next trip.
  28. Make a vision board. This can be digital, but I personally love collaging. Put the board somewhere you can reference it. This is a piece of manifesting your hearts desires.
  29. Make a savings plan for September. Even if you already have a routine of saving, try something new. This is the formula I plan to follow for the month of September.
  30. Do something small you’ve been putting off. Maybe it’s paying a big chunk of the credit line, or making that dentist appointment, visiting Grandma, or getting the oil changed. Just do it. And thank yourself before, durning, and after.

Loving yourself is having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness.

Majority of humans find it easier to pour this regard into other beings, but in truth there is no good in doing so unless we have poured into ourselves first.

This 30 Day Challenge aims to give an intentional time slot set apart for focus on the self and honoring what the self needs and deserves. We can really practice self love daily in 4 simple ways:

  • Practicing mindfulness. Tapping into the ability to know what you think, feel and want.
  • Taking actions based on needs rather than wants. When you are focused you turn your cheek to automatic behaviors and patterns that keep you stuck in the past with less self love.
  • Practicing good self care. Basic needs! Brush your teeth, nourish yourself with healthy foods and activities, get good sleep, and have healthy social interactions.
  • Make room for healthy habits. When you start to deepen the self love it’s important to mirror what you are calling in with the way you choose. Spend time doing things you love. Eat foods that make you feel good. Get exercise that isn’t a chore but something you enjoy.

To deepen love for the self we have to put in the effort.

It’s a no brainer that this isn’t something you just start saying everyday and reap the benefits of.

Self love is a practice, and like all things, takes practice and commitment.

I am so happy to be on this path myself, sharing it with you. We can transforms ourselves from the inside out starting here. And carrying it forward to spread love in all things we choose to do.

If you have not read “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz I highly suggest this read to pair with this 30 Day Challenge. Or maybe committing to reading a book in 30 days will be your challenge.

Cheers <3

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  1. Love this post and digging the August vibes. It has definitely felt like a fresh start for me since Monday. Going to end the day with a meditation and start tomorrow with a dance as recommended 😉 Excited to follow along for more.

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