Sun codes + Sunscreen: Finding the Balance

Last summer was the first time I spent more than a week at the beach. I lived out of the shuttle bus, worked at a coffee shop, and spent most of my free time outside, playing in the sun.

Zach lathering my back up with sunscreen for sun shine filled Reggae Rise Up in St. Petersburg FL.

Born and raised in the middle of North Carolina, I grew up spending plenty of time outside. My back door neighbor and I ran barefoot almost daily in the summer months back and forth to each other’s houses and through the yards playing whatever imaginary game we desired. We played in water sprinklers, had bike trails and treehouses, and loved staying outside catching lightning bugs until we were forced to go in. 

In the dog days of summer before I was old enough to stay home alone, our parents sent my brother and me to summer camp. Every morning we loaded up on school buses and rode a good twenty-minutes out to the middle of nowhere. Camp was on a large plot of wooded land, with a small pond, horses, archery, a swimming pool and tennis courts. We also had an arts and crafts shelter that was easily my favorite space to take up. I say all this to share that I spent a lot of time outdoors. In the woods. 

In the sun. 

I can vividly see my younger self, in a bathing suit on the beach with my family, begging my mom to not reapply my sunscreen. I can also see that version of me deciding prematurely to get back in the water and then crying coming out because of the terrible burn on my face and in my eyes. 

It was a miracle when sunscreen started coming in a spray form.

One time on a family vacation, I can recall my brother forgetting to put sunscreen on and ending up a literal lobster. Poor guy, he couldn’t move, couldn’t shower, and barely had an appetite. 

Pretty sure that was my first experience of sun poisoning… and while it’s nice it wasn’t me, my sympathy was with Seth, and my reapplication of sunscreen was on point for the rest of that trip.

taking a chilly dip in the sunshine in my best friend Katie’s mom’s pool in NC, May 2022.

You know, vitality comes from the sun.

 The sun is the main source of energy we need in order to survive, paired of course with water and food. 

But what is crucial to wake up and realize is that most sunscreen is a scam and is preventing us from receiving the juicy nutrient packed rays that benefit us as living beings on this planet. 

I can also add that most sunscreens are packed full of chemicals and ingredients that are harmful to the biodiversity and life of the oceans. 

If you’re still here with me, in the next few minutes I will share with you what exactly sun codes are, what generic sunscreen does to the human body and oceans, and some alternatives to protecting the biggest organ of your physical vessel while also being environmentally friendly and conscious. 

Unlike plants, we do not utilize the sun and its energy to produce food and feed ourselves. Sunlight is absorbed through our skin and is necessary in order for our bodies to produce and use certain vitamins and minerals. If sunlight were suddenly unavailable not only would the planet reach dangerously cold temperatures, but the foundation of the food web (plants) would die out and we would not be able to survive.

The sun is always shining. 

Even when it is night in one place, the sun is pouring its warmth and rays down on the planet across the waters. 

So what are sun codes? 

Well… streams of bright light that come directly from the center of the sun plummet straight into the Earth… daily. 

If we can agree that every piece of this human experience is constructed of energy, then it may lead us to ponder what type of energy this light carries with it. 

An assortment of ancient civilizations embodied the practice of sun gazing, or sun eating. A regimen of gradually allowing sunlight into your eyes at specific times during the day. Typically this practice is done at sunrise or sunset, which are the periods of the lowest ultraviolet-index. 

The act of sun gazing (or sun eating) provides stimulation to the body from solar energy. When done consistently, it can start to negate the body’s innate need for food and begins to retrain the body to run on the energy of the sun. 

So, sun codes…

Right, right. After reading all of that fun information about the enormous ball of fire in our sky, what do you intuitively think sun codes are?

Just like emotions are energy in motion, sun codes are the subliminal messages downloaded from absorbing sunlight. 

When we say messages here, it’s not like I called you and got the voicemail and left you a message about our dinner plans and how I have to change them because my van needs to go to the shop and I’m getting a hotel for the night to relax instead. 

It’s more like, “ah-hah, I didn’t know my body needed this and now I feel like I can take on that one task I’ve been ignoring.” Or perhaps, “mmmm I am going to sit in the sun every day for the next week.” 

When we take time to sit in the sunshine, we are receiving sun codes that directly affect the biological make-up of our bodies and activate different bodily functions and productions. We are tuning in to nature, the closest understanding we have of existing on this planet. We are aligning ourselves with the “health is wealth” mentality, and are more able to sustain energy because we are plugged into the sun and its divine messages to our minds, bodies, and souls. 

So, if I just sit in the sun I am tapping into whatever woo-woo crap you just shared?

HAH! Exactly. 

No, but seriously… being in the sun daily doesn’t just boost the body’s vitamin D (which is important in bone health and immune system function). It can also help regulate sleep schedules, boost the production of dopamine + serotonin, kill bad bacteria in dust, and reduce high blood pressure. 

AND! If the sun, which is the source of energy we most heavily rely on, is giving us all of that goodness just from being in it 10-15 minutes a day… imagine what else the sun is trying to tell us, energetically? 

I realize I am writing more towards the skeptics here. I say skeptics to encompass those who may read my blog and not be in agreement that this experience on Earth is connected to an energetic blueprint and contains different dimensions… and death is not real, but a tunnel into another existence or dream. Or that maybe the Galactic Federation is doing its best to communicate with us down here but we are so dense. 

But, if you’re on that same wavelength, I’ll give a space here for you to tap into the flow of my ideas regarding sun codes… I feel intuitively that the sun as the main source of planetary energy is actually a being of light with desire and purpose to assist in the healing of our genetic wounds as humans. The density of being a human is dramatically different from the beings which are constructed of light in its purest form. Light, like that of the sun. 

Sol, I say all of this to say that personally speaking light codes from the sun are subliminal messages my body downloads to assist in its healing process. Sometimes, when my soul feels aligned, I take myself to the sunshine more as a preventative for physical and mental sickness, before I have even experienced any signs or symptoms. While it hasn’t negated the ailment, I do trust and believe it has assisted in the intensity of my sicknesses and the speediness of recovery.

If my personal spill is not your kind of tea, no worries. I am open and loving to you as you are and really just want to translate that the sun has a magical essence, and if you haven’t, please let yourself experience that. 

Zach making tie dye in the sun at a park in St. Petersburg FL, 2022

Generic Sunscreen Facts

  • Sunscreen was invented way back in 1944. 
  • The first mixture was a concoction of cocoa butter and red veterinary petroleum.
  • Sunscreen provides a barrier which prevents UV rays from penetrating the skin. 
  • Most sunscreen is a combination of chemicals and minerals. 
  • SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and claims the higher the number, the higher the protection.
  • Not all sunscreens are created equally. There are different UV rays- UVA and UVB. 
  • Sunscreen does indeed have an expiration date.

I’ll leave this little link here for you to take a peak at the current controversies in the media on sunscreen.

Juicy Details expanding on the harmful facts of generic sunscreen

The truth is, big companies manufacture a substance that is supposed to protect our skin and should test them thoroughly for potential short-term and long-term health effects. 

The reality is, they aren’t.

And according to EWG, in 2019 the Food and Drug Administration found that only two ingredients in sunscreens could be classified as sage and effective based on the currently available information (those two ingredients being Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide). 

More importantly, there have been concerns raised in the past few years regarding three common sunscreen ingredients and their disruptions and harmful effects such as disrupting the hormone system, causing cancer, and causing harm during reproduction and development. 

The three organic UV filters, oxybenzone, homosalate, and octocrylene have been highlighted in safety opinions published by the European Commission. In the United States, manufacturers are allowed to utilize both oxybenzone and homosalate in much higher concentrations than the small amount recommended and approved for safety by the European Commission. 

A scary truth: “Four studies published in 2020, after the FDA released its draft proposal, support previous findings that oxybenzone can act as an endocrine disruptor and may increase the risk of breast cancer and endometriosis.”

There are many other active ingredients in generic sunscreen that I am sure you nor I can pronounce without sounding it out. 

The ugly truth here is that those ingredients are probably not good for us, and most certainly are not benefiting aquatic life. 

And to top it off, in 2021 there was research conducted by a quality assurance company that detected high levels of benzene, a known human carcinogen in 78 sunscreen and after-sun care products. Benzene is known to cause cancer in humans, according to the CDC, the US Department of Health and Human Services, and The WHO. 

“It is a highly flammable chemical that is a natural part of crude oil, gasoline, and cigarette smoke… is used to make plastics, nylon, and synthetic products. It is also used to make some types of lubricants, rubbers, dyes, detergents, drugs, and pesticides.”

a stranger man sits in the sunny shade of palm trees reading in Abercrombie Park in St. Petersburg FL, spring time of 2022.

Why are we consuming products full of cancer causing and all around toxic chemicals? 

What a good question. 

What is the remedy here then, Scottie?

Imagine existing way before the creation of sunscreen… what did the early humans utilize for protection from the sun?

Well, from inference I am sure it wasn’t easy. I can only imagine that they spent time making clothes from plants and other available materials… and possibly covering themselves in the local mud to create a barrier between the skin and the sun. 

It’s funny to imagine all of us on a beach trip, covering each other in mud before taking to the lounge chairs for a few hours, then taking a dip in the ocean… and repeating the process. 

Our photos would be hilarious. 

So that approach isn’t practical. 

But what is… is using organic, mineral based sunscreen that does not contain harmful chemicals we cannot pronounce? Perhaps that is our best option at present.

Here are some of my recommendations.

I am no doctor! 

The one I’ve been using:

Raw Elements

  • Products developed by an ocean lifeguard
  • Certified natural and organic ingredients 
  • 23% non-nano zinc oxide is the only active ingredient 
  • I found this one at Target!

To Purchase 

All Good

  • Only 7 ingredients 
  • Water resistant up to 40 minutes
  • Pleasant smell of cocoa and coconut. 

Beauty By Earth

  • Inclusive sunscreen comes in different shades for different skin tones.
  • Contains 5 main ingredients and all others I feel are easy to read. 
  • Crafted Sustainably 

Blue Lizard

  • Most affordable.
  • Vitamin E, Caffeine, and Green Tea
  • Check Walmart Shelves!


  • Reef safe!
  • Fair Trade and organic ingredients 
  • Available at Target, REI, Bed Bath & Beyond

Those are just some & when you do your research you may find others… just be sure to check the ingredients! 

Or you can try to make it yourself

When I first started my road life adventure in the Shuttle Bus, I was heading to the NC coast for the summer and into the fall. Knowing this, I was determined to save my skin and money by making my own sunscreen.

Sadly, making sunscreen in a shuttle bus wasn’t as easy as I wished. I did successfully make a few bottles, which I later realized would’ve worked better in containers like those used for body butters or creams/salves.

I have made sunscreen twice, and both times I have not been 100% satisfied with the texture. But I can speak to the effectiveness and feeling joy in knowing all the ingredients I’m lathering all over my body and putting into the ocean.

Below I will link to other blogs where I have found good recipes for DIY Sunscreen for the fam.

Our Oily House Sunscreen recipe and all things oil related here!

Simple Life Mom 4 different sunscreen recipes to try, plus homey stuff!

This post is meant to provoke thinking.

After all folks, we live in a mass produced society.

It is very wise to stay educated in products and their ingredients and their effects on the human body, mind and soul. Although not all sunscreens are linked to carrying toxic ingredients, many of them are and usually the most affordable ones are the ones that could end up costing you way more in medical expenses. 

Please consider doing your own research and also remembering that what we put on our bodies does often end up in water and can be harmful to other forms of life! 

My wish for you is that you are safe, healthy, happy, and enjoying the sunshine as often as you can. 

With divine love, cheers.

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