5 Reasons to Join Sober October

It’s that time of year again! Fall never fails to amaze me. 

We’re ending our time in practical Virgo season, heading into the sweet Libra days. 

This past month has felt important. If it has for you too, I want to hear about it. Drop me a message here. <3 

Fall. Autumn. Sweater weather. Spooky season. 

This time of year is something special for everyone! 

There is no denying the beautiful change of colors that spreads across the country is quite a view. If you’ve never seen the Blue Ridge for Leaf season, add that to the list. You may hit traffic and be on trails with plenty of others for at least this reason: it’s stunning. 

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go.”

The shift of season is among us, and there is much more than meets the eye.

This transitionary time leads us into the deep abyss of Scorpio season, associated with the 8th house, which relates to internal matters such as sexuality, death + rebirth, money, personal growth + transformation, our attitude towards crisis + change, additions… oh and, psychology!

Alcohol and matters of the deep, conscious mind don’t mix. 

Yes, there is no denying that alcohol has been around for centuries and has been consumed when some of the best inventions were first created.

It is stimulating in many ways. “Liquid courage” that brings about unforgettable nights + memories the will last for years. Maybe even lifetimes for some. 

As a depressant, alcohol does exactly that. Depresses. 

It depresses consciousness + the happy chemicals in the brain. 

The short term feelings can be extremely addictive. And addiction to alcohol, when not treated correctly can be fatal.

spooky ghost
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There is certainly a reason they have called it Spirits…

But this spooky season, I want to see if you’re up to leave the liquid spirits behind, and see what Universal Spirit brings forward.

Join Me For Sober October

I have had a back and forth relationship with drinking since before I was old enough to drink. 

I last tried moderating drinking. Unfortunately alcohol and I have a hard time being friends, easy time being lovers, and are definitely better off left as nothing. (John Mayer reference anyone?) So it felt best to leave alcohol out of the picture and focus on healthier ways to spend time + invest in myself.

As I continue to abstain from alcohol for my own personal reasons, I’m honored to create a space for others to join a community that can provide access to innovative and creative things to do while on this part of our journey.

A space with potential friendships + networking, recipes for mock-tails + things to do besides go to bars. 

cup of coffee on table
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Here is 5 reason to join me for Sober October

1. You’re Going To Save Money—

Believe me. Think of money as energy for a second. Would you rather be running out of energy fast or moving it consciously + with intention to savor the energy you may need? If you commit to Sober October you will save money. You will save more energy. Alcohol isn’t cheap, and even if it is, it adds up fast.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

2. You’ll Have Support—

This space is being held to bring like-minded people together! It is also a judgment FREE zone. You are not going into this alone. Whether you prefer support that helps with accountability or yummy choices that aren’t alcohol, this community can provide both. Taking on change alone can feel intimidating and even impossible. But this time you will have full support from me and others who are investing back into themselves while letting go of alcohol.

3. Alcohol Lowers Immunity —

Research tells us that not only can alcohol impair sleep, it also can trigger inflammation in the gut and destroy microorganisms, AND greatly disrupts the regular function of our immune system. As the season changes it’s not uncommon for people to experience bacterial infections and virus. Not to mention covid is still circulating. Whether this is an opportunity to just take a drinking break or commit to a sober lifestyle, either option will give space + time for your body to reset its immunity and be prepared to keep you healthy throughout the coming months. 

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4. You’re going to Feel Better! —

When you give your body a break from alcohol, you feel better. I am living proof, alongside so many other humans who have also done this. As mentioned before, alcohol impairs sleep and normal body functions. Imagine what you would feel like with a good sleep schedule and a body functioning more regularly day-to-day? Letting go of this consumption is going to wake up your mind + body + soul and show you the energy you’ve been looking for! 

5. You’re going to Learn More About Yourself –

Clearing the mind and body of alcohol is going to ignite a different sense of self. Reconnecting a relationship with your mind + emotional body that is untainted by outside influence can also propel you towards a deeper physical body awareness, and create a space of self-exploration. This experience can bring about a pure sense of joy + livelihood as you tap into a true self that is waking up alcohol sober.

I am excited to open up + share a space with others! 

If you’re ready to detox the mind + body + soul and put down liquid spirits making room for Universal Spirit to reveal more to you, click here to join the community. 

This time of year brings about the opportunity for us to reflect back to nature; change. 

glass ball on wood
Photo by Mark Arron Smith on Pexels.com

It’s an opportunity to take an internal analysis of self, while finding deep gratitude in each piece of it all. Just as the leaves paint the horizon glorious shades of fire, shall we illuminate the shadows to have a knowing as the darkness of winter begins to come. We must first prepare ourselves and then let go to create space for what is to come. 

Isn’t that what nature does? 

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