Health is Wealth: Kangen Water + My Investment in Self

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Any corner of the internet you end up on you most likely see one or five ads for supplements, coaches, beauty products, or the latest waist snatcher to hit the market.

It’s true, health is wealth.

There is a growing movement of becoming rich in health + healing.

The mind, body, soul trinity that we embody during our Earth Side experience is dense. It requires maintenance and functions best when fed and watered well.

True healing occurs from the inside, out… and being more and more conscious and aware of what we are fueling our bodies with can change everything!

~ Water is life ~

A human can survive a lot longer without food than water. As humans, we are constructed of nearly 70% water and should consume about 8 cups of water or a half-gallon a day! This number increases when we are more physically active.

Besides drinking water, we also use water for cleaning our bodies, clothes, and dishes. Our pets drink water. Zach uses a good amount of water for tie dye. Brushing our teeth. Flushing the toilet requires water. Making pasta… you need water. You get it! We rely on water.

And who doesn’t love chasing waterfalls?

The energy of moving water is humbling. There is nothing comparable to getting in a fast moving creek or river naked and breathing as the water engulfs and moves over every inch of your being.

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So, what is Kangen Water?

We were living in Saint Petersburg for a few months, and met a beautiful couple, Gabriella and Shau, the water bearers.

Since our introduction, Zach and I had both thought about the benefits and opportunities presented by Kangen water but were not sure that van life would hold space for such a commitment.

Little did we know that the universe and its divine timing would prove us different and aid us in having not just decent filtered water but the best optimal drinking water right inside our house on wheels.

Enagic is the Japan-based company that produces Kangen water machines.

For over four decades, they have been the leading manufacturer of alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines.

Enagic is the only water filtration and alkaline-ionizer distributer in the world with its own Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) facility. This means that Enagic makes everything in each Kangen water machine… from the tiny pieces inside to the cardboard it arrives in. When a machine is complete, it goes through a 27-step inspection before it is approved to be shipped out.

Enagic is recognized by the Japanese Association of Preventative Medicine for Adult Diseases, a group of over 6,500 Medical Doctors.

“Proponents say that this pure water essentially helps the body heal itself.”

And how does the magic water machine work?

Our K8 set-up in Clayton, the house van.

Above is a photo of our K8 Enagic Water Machine set-up in the van.

The Kangen Water Machine is attached to our facet with a diverter that allows us to switch back and forth from regular water straight from the 25 gallon tank, or water that is processed through the machine.

When water moves through the Kangen machine, it is first filtered to remove chlorine, bacteria, odor, lead, rust and other harmful contaminants. The water is then put through the process of electrolysis, where the machine uses electricity to restructure the water and produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters. Different PH waters can be utilized for various purposes such as drinking, cooking, cleaning, and beauty.

The drinking water produced by Kangen is incredibly potent in active molecular hydrogen, one of the most powerful antioxidants that exist.

Benefits of drinking Kangen Water

Kangen water has a negative oxidation-reduction-potential (-ORP). For my folks who are overwhelmed or lost with this ORP concept. Check out this video below.

Now for a funny: I love to tell people that Kagen water is like the spring in Tuck Everlasting. If you drink this water, you will not live forever BUT you will experience health + energy changes that may bring a little youth back into your being.


Around 75 per cent of people in Western nations are dehydrated – according to the New York Times. We are consuming inadequate amounts of water, the quality of which is also dubious. Bottled water is as much a health problem as it is an environmental one.

Essential Magazine

One of the first things I noticed after solely consuming 9.5 Kangen water was my frequent trips to the bathroom. Before I switched, I consistently drank water, but never felt hydrated, and always had to pee.

Tap water contains between 10-20 clusters of water molecules.

Kangen water is micro-clustered, containing only five to eight molecules. The smaller clusters are more easily absorbed into the body’s cells thus resulting in quicker hydration.

Have you ever drank a gallon of water in a day and still felt thirsty? If so, upgrade today and I promise you will never do that again.

Skin Health

Kangen water machines add hydrogen to water. As mentioned earlier, molecular hydrogen is a potent antioxidant. In order to match the antioxidant potency of just 2 glasses of Kangen water you would need to consume 5 pounds of blueberries.

Antioxidants are what help the body neutralize free radicals (all the unstable icky molecules that can damage cells). Everyday, we are exposed to free radicals in household chemicals, stress, alcohol, bottled water, pesticides, cigarette smoke, and other environmental pollutants.

The easiest way to add extra hydrogen to the body’s system is to drink it. So, drinking this antioxidant-rich tonic will improve your biggest organs (skins) health.

But wait, there’s more.

You can also utilized 6 PH water from the Kangen machine, specifically for beauty. When I first experienced washing my face with only this water, I was amazed. Unlike tap water, this water absorbed into my pores. It felt like baptizing my face.

The combination of washing with this water + consuming this water overall gives the body optimal hydration on a cellular level, which can in turn, clear your skin.

Gut + Head Health

Drinking Kangen water reduces inflammation in the body. This includes the annoying bloat many people experience on a regular basis. Kangen water is absorbed quickly and easily through the cells, which is why it also aids in easing digestion and experiencing more regular bowel movements.

Drinking Kangen water can help improve energy levels and reduce headaches. The anti-inflammatory properties help the body maintain a hydrated, and happy, homeostasis.

It is also common to experience better sleep!

A little about pH

As you can see in the image above, our bodies are fragile when it comes to consuming foods and beverages and maintaining optimal pH.

What this image doesn’t contain is a couple key points.

  1. At pH 3.5, a very acidic state, life ends. That means that consuming soda, alcohol, sports drinks, and other acidic substances is quite damaging to the cellular life span.
  2. At pH 5.8, cancer cells switch on. This doesn’t mean that you will get cancer, but it does mean you are creating a perfect ground for those cells. This is still a very low pH.
  3. 7.365 is a healthy pH. It is optimal for the overall body and cellular health.
  4. At pH 8.8, cancer cells are switched off. This is due to the alkalinity.

From the points above, we can take away that an acidic body is the ideal environment for illness and disease.

Kangen water at a pH of 8.0 – 9.5 is optimal for drinking because the alkalinity helps reduce the acidic environment in the body. This gives the cells an opportunity to maintain a healthier state and continue to heal itself from the inside out.

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Bottled Water + Micro-plastics

The number of plastics floating around every square mile of ocean continues to increase. Plastic water bottle production also places a strain on natural resources including fossil fuels and water. Plastic bottles are the 3rd most common pollutant found on beaches.

While most people know the hazards involved in single-use plastic environmentally, it is also dangerous to our internal health.

Bottled water contains micro-plastics. Consuming water from a plastic bottle means you are also consuming harmful chemicals that are shed from plastic. These chemicals, or micro-plastics, disrupt the endocrine system and have been linked to cancer and reproductive issues.

It is also important to note that most bottled water is false advertised.

Plastic bottled alkaline water is not alkaline. As alkaline properties have a short shelf life. It is common practice that bottled water is actually filtered, purified, and contains a very negative ORP, meaning is has been so processed it has lost all living properties.

Switching from bottled to Kangen water will also save you money. A Kangen machine has a 15-30 year life space. While the up front cost is an investment, the returns are priceless since your health will shift, as well as your wealth (yes, monetarily speaking too!)

If you purchase a bottle of water everyday for a year, let’s say Fiji water for example, you will spend at least $20,000 a year. That is a $3 bottle of water daily.

The K8 Water Machine is about $5,000. An investment, not an expense as you are investing in your health, the planet, and truly, your wallet.

Living Water is Life Changing

The water industry is a massive scam.

You cannot buy optimal drinking water from the market.

The Kangen water process produces living structures of hydrogen rich water. When we consume living water, we start to change the body’s structure from the inside out.

Since Kangen water is hydrating on a cellular level (cells are the building blocks of life) true hydration can help with essential body functions such as: circulation, absorption of vitamins + minerals, digestion, elimination, regulation of body temperature, creation of saliva, and brain health.

Kangen Water has Endless Uses

It doesn’t end at drinking water! Kangen water machines produce 5 different types of water to replace products in your home.

2.5 pH Strong Acidic Water This water has a bleach smell to it. But, it’s acid water. You can use strong acidic water as a disinfectant to sanitize utensils, dishes, and countertops. We currently use 2.5 pH water with Lavender + Lemon Doterra Essential Oils as yoga mat + counter top cleaner. This is not drinking water.

4.0 pH – 6.0 pH Beauty Water This slightly acidic water is recognized for its astringent properties. It is great for gentle cleaning + beauty care. You can use this water as face wash + toner, hair care, pet care, germinating plants, and preserving frozen food. This is not drinking water.

7.0 pH Clean Water Free of chlorine, rust, cloudiness, and other contaminants. This water is great to use for preparing baby food + taking medications.

8.0 pH – 9.5 pH Kangen Drinking Water This is the optimal drinking and healthy cooking water. Electronically-reduced + hydrogen-rich, this water quickly hydrates and provides an abundance of antioxidants. Use this water for drinking, food preparation, coffee/tea, soup, and water plants.

11.5 pH Strong Alkaline Water With strong cleaning effects, this water can be used for food preparation, removing pesticides from produce, stain removal and cleaning. This is not drinking water. *We have utilized this water to soak our fruit in and let me tell you, it gets weird when you see all the toxins and extra stuff that comes off of produce.

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Where did this living water come from?

Studying natural bodies of water led to incredible discoveries. There are minimal places in the world with natural reduced water.

Water has always been important to life. We need water to survive. The planet needs water to survive.

A specific type of functional water, called reduced water, gained popularity for its ability to improve oxidative-stress-related dis-ease. Functional water effects the body by promoting a status of health that helps the body’s natural ability to self-regulate and restore.

Three properties of electrolyzed reduced water are:

  1. Alkaline pH
  2. Rich in antioxidant molecular hydrogen
  3. Negative oxidation-reduction potential (-ORP)

Kangen water contains all-three properties, making it the best drinking water available to you + me.

Sharing this Magic Machine

Helping people heal is something I have felt called to most of my earth side life.

I chose to invest in the Kangen water machine with intention of continuing my healing journey + starting from the inside out. At first the investment was scary, but it quickly felt like one of the best decisions I’ve made. I have been able to notice changes in my health + share living water with friends + once on a retreat.

We are all walking each other hOMe, on individual journeys ebbing + flowing through the waves of life.

It is an honor to share this information and opportunity to invest in health with others. Through lifestyle changes + health changes, each person on this planet has the access to raising frequencies and aligning to their optimal potential.

One thing we all have in common- we all drink water. It is a required ingredient to life. We are water beings.

Kangen water is creating a ripple effect. As we continue to upgrade + level up our health, we are also utilizing a eco-friendly solution to the global plastic crisis, helping both our internal + external environments.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself + your future + the planets, let’s start a conversation.

I would love to help you in getting your own Kangen machine + reclaiming the healing power of your body with living water.

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