Grounding in Turbulent Times

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“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comforts me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be.”

The Beatles, Let It Be

Wise words from a band that impacted the world in the 60’s, when turbulence was high and many were seeking peace + love.

Linear time is a construct. We are all used to it. It’s a structure for work, eating, child care, chores, etc.

And even within that structure, challenges arise.

Every person reading this has been within the bounds of turbulence. And here we are not referring to airplane rides.

Whether you’re switching up a normal routine, starting a new venture, or you’ve just fallen off the tracks… there is always a way to ground yourself into the present moment + surrender into flow.

Even when you feel the world around you is crumbling.

Wherever you’re at, take a moment to inhale love and gratitude. Hold it for a few seconds, and sigh that breath out… Releasing any worry or stress that may be held in the body. Below you’ll find some of my favorite ways to ground in turbulent times… enjoy!

Walk Barefoot

For centuries, humanity walked on Earth without footwear. And while most of us will agree there is joy in sporting fashionable footwear, this buffer between our bodies and Earth has contributed to the disconnection many humans experience at some point or another.

Truth is, when you embrace walking barefoot on the Earth- be it sand, dirt, or grass- your body absorbs free ions which act as antioxidants in the body.

Even better, being barefoot can lower blood pressure, increase energy, improve sleep, and help with chronic pain.

It makes sense that connecting to the earth through the soles of our feet is full of benefits, after all we are all connected. The ground beneath us is one of the best places to start when stress is high.

Next time you find yourself with a racing heart and a wandering mind that seems difficult to control, kick off your shoes and take a stroll. Heck, if you feel like it, lay down on the ground. Enjoy the natural free ions and magic of the Earth’s surface that supports us daily. We are so held! Even when we feel lost and unsure.

Take a Shower or Bath

One of the quickest ways to cleanse your aura or energetic field is to submerge yourself in water.

I have shared about this before, and continue to do so because it is a practice that I find super useful myself.

A couple weeks ago, I was having a difficult time communicating clearly and feeling like myself. I found myself in a rut, mentally that was effecting my physical and emotional being negatively. I realized that what I did have control over included how I was caring for myself, which led me to highlighting nourishment and cleanliness.

There was a day I think I had 4 showers. In one day.

But each one was important.

As we ebb + flow daily, beep bopping around coworkers, strangers, family and friends, we are exposed to the energies of other beings and the greater world around us.

Taking intentional time to stand or sit in moving water, and clean the physical body can eliminate unwanted energies and return you to a balance state of self.

When you’ve had a hard day, got into a tif with your partner, or just feel more off than usual… find your favorite bubble bath or bath bomb, pop in a shower melt, and shed the energy that no longer serves your highest self.

Write it Out

The art of journaling is a practice I feel many beginners way over think. Yes, it’s awesome to have aesthetic if that’s what you’re into… but truth is, the constant conversations of the subconscious can easily lead us down paths we’d rather avoid.

A practice I find super helpful to start the habit of writing is free writing. Set a timer and just start. It can be describing the room around you, maybe painting a picture of your internal landscape, or hashing out the anxiety that continues to swamp your consciousness.

When we put a pen to paper, and let it flow, it starts to clear out + create space in our mind… and when we practice writing with more intention we can tap into our magic of manifestation and changing mindset.

Let Yourself Feel

This is a big one that I have avoided before. It’s easy to distract ourselves with something or someone… scrolling… watching tv, eating, la la la the list goes on.

But recently I have been practicing this art of feeling. When things are sticking to you and thoughts continue to reappear sometimes it is best to trigger yourself back into that experience of feeling and let it ride.

Movement, music, photos, re-reading writings~ all of these things can take us back to a situation or trauma and allow us to tap back into the origin of the feelings which is where we can start to transmute and transform our perspective of said feelings.

Life does not happen to you; Life happens for + with you.

Not everyday is going to be the best day. Remember, time is not linear. There are timelines and dimensions outside of just this existence that all play into the dream in which we are living.

Perspective is the ultimate controller of day-to-day life, and indeed YOU are the Creator.

When we ground ourselves in turbulence, we give ourselves an opportunity to go back to gratitude + love.

An opportunity to explore who we are individually, and what may have impacted us in positive and negative ways.

It’s a crazy wild idea to remember, but at any given time YOU have the power and ability to show up however YOU desire. Even you’re wildest dreams can be made true, if you just believe.

So no matter where you’re at, what you’re moving thru~ remember, we are all connected and this universe will be of full support if we ground ourselves and have deep trust.

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