Greetings beloved,

I’m Scottie and I am currently turning the pages of “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer. A creative human moving through life, I am most consistently accompanied by music and likely seeking out an adventure or challenge! Born and raised in the middle of North Carolina, my heart and soul carry a deep bias for being barefoot and surrounded by green. But don’t fret, I have a strong love for traveling and embracing completely new spaces as it is activating to be submerged in a different culture + scenery. My passions run deep with a belief in movement + plants as medicine, exploring the crevices of this existence, and providing accessible pathways for self-care as a means for expansion. It is my firm belief that we are never not whole beings + with effort + belief we are capable of coming to great inner-standing and living in our dharma.

Currently, I am transitioning back to the East from Colorado. It is bittersweet to be turning a page in this ever-changing book of my life, am I am overwhelming welcoming the opportunities that are on the horizon.

Every Day Divine was birthed in 2020 after many shifts in my personal life led me to a place where expression, healing, collaboration, and love were of my highest priority. Since beginning the site, I have lived in a few different cities, driven thousands of miles in both a van and SUV, and continued to carry faith and belief that one day this site will bloom as a conscious community of individuals sharing stories of divinity from all different walks of existence.

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