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A Simple Path of Self-Love: 30-Day Challenge for August 2022

It is a part of the human experience to question who we are. Ego is always seeking identity. I am this. I do that. This is mine. Words are spells that enhance its existence. And when we start to pull back the layer of skin that represents ego… what are we then left with? What […]

So, you do yoga? How’s that going?

Ahlo lovely! Thanks for sharing your time with me. Let’s get groovy in this moment and take advantage of how every moment of experience is an opportunity for an adventure. Each experience, each moment, contains an abundance of potential molecules, all full of potential outcome~ what a beautiful reality! So no matter what you’re doing, […]

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Intuitive Astrology and the Aries/Pisces New Moon

Written under the Aries New Moon Energy (April 1, 2022) ~ Good day beautiful beings. I am so grateful you are here. I have felt called to share more about Intuitive Astrology versus other modalities of astrological information. I also wanted to speak to the New Moon. My sistar Nephaeya shared a beautiful transcription that […]


Van Life Update

Hello beautiful beings. Sheesh, it’s been some time since I’ve updated you all or shared any awesomeness here on the World Wide Web. How cool that daily access and utilization of the www. is a reflection of 5th dimensional expansion and existence. It’s a sharing of < time + space > without a requirement of […]


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Greetings! I’m Scottie. A creative human moving through life consistently accompanied by music and likely seeking an adventure or challenge . When I’m not spending time with my wonderful partner and fur babies, I enjoy delicious food, roller blading, playing guitar, and living a healthy and productive life!

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