Health is Wealth: Kangen Water + My Investment in Self

Any corner of the internet you end up on you most likely see one or five ads for supplements, coaches, beauty products, or the latest waist snatcher to hit the market. It’s true, health is wealth. There is a growing movement of becoming rich in health + healing. The mind, body, soul trinity that weContinue reading “Health is Wealth: Kangen Water + My Investment in Self”

5 Reasons to Join Sober October

It’s that time of year again! Fall never fails to amaze me.  We’re ending our time in practical Virgo season, heading into the sweet Libra days.  This past month has felt important. If it has for you too, I want to hear about it. Drop me a message here. <3  Fall. Autumn. Sweater weather. SpookyContinue reading “5 Reasons to Join Sober October”

10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Inspired

It’s the middle of September, and we are currently still van living at high elevation in Colorado. The ski town we’ve been inhabiting since early July is quaint and getting more chilly by day. To our surprise we have, however, been able to spend less than $20 to see an “EDM show…” gone down hillContinue reading “10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Inspired”

Are you living deliberately? Three Questions for the Soul.

Deliberate, as an adjective, is defined in the Oxford Languages as: done consciously and intentionally. I am no rookie when it comes to not living deliberately. For most of my life that I can remember, I have struggled in heated situations with friends, lovers, and even strangers… to act with intention rather than impulse. ThisContinue reading “Are you living deliberately? Three Questions for the Soul.”

Sun codes + Sunscreen: Finding the Balance

Last summer was the first time I spent more than a week at the beach. I lived out of the shuttle bus, worked at a coffee shop, and spent most of my free time outside, playing in the sun. Born and raised in the middle of North Carolina, I grew up spending plenty of timeContinue reading “Sun codes + Sunscreen: Finding the Balance”

A Simple Path of Self-Love: 30-Day Challenge for August 2022

It is a part of the human experience to question who we are. Ego is always seeking identity. I am this. I do that. This is mine. Words are spells that enhance its existence. And when we start to pull back the layer of skin that represents ego… what are we then left with? WhatContinue reading “A Simple Path of Self-Love: 30-Day Challenge for August 2022”

So, you do yoga? How’s that going?

Ahlo lovely! Thanks for sharing your time with me. Let’s get groovy in this moment and take advantage of how every moment of experience is an opportunity for an adventure. Each experience, each moment, contains an abundance of potential molecules, all full of potential outcome~ what a beautiful reality! So no matter what you’re doing,Continue reading “So, you do yoga? How’s that going?”

Intuitive Astrology and the Aries/Pisces New Moon

Written under the Aries New Moon Energy (April 1, 2022) ~ Good day beautiful beings. I am so grateful you are here. I have felt called to share more about Intuitive Astrology versus other modalities of astrological information. I also wanted to speak to the New Moon. My sistar Nephaeya shared a beautiful transcription thatContinue reading “Intuitive Astrology and the Aries/Pisces New Moon”

Tools at Our Fingertips

Written under a waning crescent Sagittarius Moon~ oooh lala, are we feeling spicy? Ahlo beautiful humans! I hope today is blessing you wherever you are at. A brief catchup moment: If you’ve been keeping up and wondering where I’ve been… please know I have not forgotten this platform~ I am working on a couple postsContinue reading “Tools at Our Fingertips”

Holding Space with Authenticity

We are all energetic beings. Therefore, every time we interact with another being we are sharing and exchanging energy. The term “holding space” surfaced with great popularity in my friend circles a few years ago. It started short, with statements like “Thank you for holding space for me, I really appreciate you.” But as itContinue reading “Holding Space with Authenticity”