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Ultimate Surrender + Welcoming New Beginnings

My goodness, what a start to the New Year (publishing this late, it happens). The first Full Moon of 2023 in Cancer was quite a doozy. Not only that, but Mercury stationed retrograde in late December and didn’t go direct until just last week. How are we feeling people? Drop me a line, I’d love…

Grounding in Turbulent Times

“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comforts me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be.”The Beatles, Let It Be Wise words from a band that impacted the world in the 60’s, when turbulence was high and many were seeking peace + love. Linear time is a construct. We are all used…

Health is Wealth: Kangen Water + My Investment in Self

Any corner of the internet you end up on you most likely see one or five ads for supplements, coaches, beauty products, or the latest waist snatcher to hit the market. It’s true, health is wealth. There is a growing movement of becoming rich in health + healing. The mind, body, soul trinity that we…

5 Reasons to Join Sober October

It’s that time of year again! Fall never fails to amaze me.  We’re ending our time in practical Virgo season, heading into the sweet Libra days.  This past month has felt important. If it has for you too, I want to hear about it. Drop me a message here. <3  Fall. Autumn. Sweater weather. Spooky…


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