You are stardust

As a human beep-bopping through life, one of my greatest callings is collaboration. In any offering you choose to share with me, the outcome will be a collaborative one. Together we will share in the mysteries of this universe as we better understand and intentionally create.

Understanding Sun, Moon, and Rising

Every human has a birth chart that shows exactly where the planets, moon, and sun were when you were born. This session will allow us to better understand what your sun, moon, and rising signs are and what that means for you in this earth side life.

Tarot Card Reading

The magic of tarot has been with me almost a decade! I love sharing the fate of cards with others. Together we will decide the right spread for you based off what you are wanting as an outcome. We will walk through the cards that are pulled to figure out what the universe is speaking to you about.

Content Creation

As a Marketing major I’ve kept some tricks up my sleeve. We can discuss any photo, video, and graphic content you may need that I can be of service in creating. Prices vary on projects. Also available for co-shooting weddings/events and post-editing.

Photo c. 2017
Photo c. 2017
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