Ultimate Surrender + Welcoming New Beginnings

My goodness, what a start to the New Year (publishing this late, it happens). The first Full Moon of 2023 in Cancer was quite a doozy. Not only that, but Mercury stationed retrograde in late December and didn’t go direct until just last week. How are we feeling people? Drop me a line, I’d loveContinue reading “Ultimate Surrender + Welcoming New Beginnings”

Grounding in Turbulent Times

“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comforts me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be.” The Beatles, Let It Be Wise words from a band that impacted the world in the 60’s, when turbulence was high and many were seeking peace + love. Linear time is a construct. We are allContinue reading “Grounding in Turbulent Times”

Health is Wealth: Kangen Water + My Investment in Self

Any corner of the internet you end up on you most likely see one or five ads for supplements, coaches, beauty products, or the latest waist snatcher to hit the market. It’s true, health is wealth. There is a growing movement of becoming rich in health + healing. The mind, body, soul trinity that weContinue reading “Health is Wealth: Kangen Water + My Investment in Self”

10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Inspired

It’s the middle of September, and we are currently still van living at high elevation in Colorado. The ski town we’ve been inhabiting since early July is quaint and getting more chilly by day. To our surprise we have, however, been able to spend less than $20 to see an “EDM show…” gone down hillContinue reading “10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Inspired”

Are you living deliberately? Three Questions for the Soul.

Deliberate, as an adjective, is defined in the Oxford Languages as: done consciously and intentionally. I am no rookie when it comes to not living deliberately. For most of my life that I can remember, I have struggled in heated situations with friends, lovers, and even strangers… to act with intention rather than impulse. ThisContinue reading “Are you living deliberately? Three Questions for the Soul.”

Sun codes + Sunscreen: Finding the Balance

Last summer was the first time I spent more than a week at the beach. I lived out of the shuttle bus, worked at a coffee shop, and spent most of my free time outside, playing in the sun. Born and raised in the middle of North Carolina, I grew up spending plenty of timeContinue reading “Sun codes + Sunscreen: Finding the Balance”

A Simple Path of Self-Love: 30-Day Challenge for August 2022

It is a part of the human experience to question who we are. Ego is always seeking identity. I am this. I do that. This is mine. Words are spells that enhance its existence. And when we start to pull back the layer of skin that represents ego… what are we then left with? WhatContinue reading “A Simple Path of Self-Love: 30-Day Challenge for August 2022”

Van Life Update

Hello beautiful beings. Sheesh, it’s been some time since I’ve updated you all or shared any awesomeness here on the World Wide Web. How cool that daily access and utilization of the www. is a reflection of 5th dimensional expansion and existence. It’s a sharing of < time + space > without a requirement ofContinue reading “Van Life Update”

Living in Gratitude & 10-10-10

Living in a state of gratitude has research that backs the benefits. It’s also totally understandable and realistic that we may not always feel grateful in every moment. But the truth is this trendy habit of spreading words like “just be happy,” “you have so much to be grateful for,” “choose happiness…” may be detrimentalContinue reading “Living in Gratitude & 10-10-10”