So, you do yoga? How’s that going?

Ahlo lovely! Thanks for sharing your time with me. Let’s get groovy in this moment and take advantage of how every moment of experience is an opportunity for an adventure. Each experience, each moment, contains an abundance of potential molecules, all full of potential outcome~ what a beautiful reality! So no matter what you’re doing,Continue reading “So, you do yoga? How’s that going?”

Living in Gratitude & 10-10-10

Living in a state of gratitude has research that backs the benefits. It’s also totally understandable and realistic that we may not always feel grateful in every moment. But the truth is this trendy habit of spreading words like “just be happy,” “you have so much to be grateful for,” “choose happiness…” may be detrimentalContinue reading “Living in Gratitude & 10-10-10”

Tools at Our Fingertips

Written under a waning crescent Sagittarius Moon~ oooh lala, are we feeling spicy? Ahlo beautiful humans! I hope today is blessing you wherever you are at. A brief catchup moment: If you’ve been keeping up and wondering where I’ve been… please know I have not forgotten this platform~ I am working on a couple postsContinue reading “Tools at Our Fingertips”

Summer Recap & New Beginnings

I decided to create a little montage of my May to almost August experiences. Thanks for witnessing my journey <3 I appreciate the time you are sharing to be here with me. The song in the background is a song I wrote while living in Oak Island called “Water Heal and Purify.” Although I amContinue reading “Summer Recap & New Beginnings”